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When You're Ready to Buy

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Congratulations!  If you are ready to reserve a puppy, please follow these steps to make sure you have made the right decision and to help prepare for your new pet.

  1. Know that you are ready for a new member of your family.  :-)  Puppies require more attention in the first 4 to 6 months than adult dogs. Beagles are very people-oriented, and love attention and also exercise. If you plan to keep your puppy outside, inspect your kennel or run or backyard fence to make sure it is puppy safe, and has shelter from sun and for cold weather. If your puppy will be inside, this is a good excuse to buy those new tennis shoes you've been wanting...so you can exercise along with your puppy on walks. Puppy-proof your home for safety. Read up about potty training, too!

    Would you consider temporarily fostering a dog for a military family that is deployed overseas? If so, check out Dogs on Deployment or PACT

    And, did you look into adopting a mature beagle? We sometimes have grown-up beagles available, but occasionally, shelters have one. If you are near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, please check with Forever Home Beagle Rescue.

    Fostering and adopting don't work for everyone, but we like to put it out there in case it's a good option for you!

  2. Read about our normal sales procedures and guarantees, as well as our health schedule for the puppies. If you live a long distance from us, check out our shipping options to see if there are alternatives to help you (we have not been flying puppies alone for a few years, so check that page to learn whether that is still the case).

  3. Select the puppy you want from those in our litter(s) that are for sale. Most people choose their puppy early, based upon gender and markings. We do welcome visitors, but if you wait until the puppies are of age to play before choosing, you might be too late as they might all be sold. Beagles are well-known for their uniformly people-loving dispositions. Click here to learn about how to reserve a puppy before it's born, or getting the "pick of the litter."

  4. REQUIRED: If the puppy you like is available, send us the information requested on the Puppy Information page so we can learn a little about you and have all the info on hand that we need. Indicate which puppy/puppies you are most interested in so we can inform you whether he/she is still available.  We update our web site daily, so chances are good that if it is not marked as sold, it is still available.

  5. REQUIRED: Place a deposit ($100) on a puppy as soon as possible.
    ~Visit our Paying For Your Puppy page for more information about placing a deposit.
    ~If you PayPal a deposit via credit card or PayPal savings, we will immediately mark your puppy with a "sale pending" notation on the Internet, and will hold him/her for you. 
    ~If you mail a deposit (check/money order), it should be mailed immediately because we can't hold a puppy for very long without a deposit, turning other buyers away.
    ~If you pay more than the $100 deposit down, only the first $100 will be considered a deposit (and it is applied toward the puppy's price). The rest will be considered payment toward the puppy. Please keep in mind that the $100 deposit is generally nonrefundable if you change your mind about buying.
    ~Please don't reserve a puppy unless you are sure you are ready for a puppy.
    ~Puppies will be considered sold upon receipt of a deposit, or upon verbal announcement that a check is being mailed to us (we'll hold a puppy for several days awaiting the check in the mail). Please don't ask us to hold a puppy for you to think about, as we can't turn other good homes down when a deposit has not been placed.

  6. Contact a veterinarian in your area if you don't have one already.
    ~Your puppy will need to finish its vaccination schedule after leaving our home, and you will want to have a veterinarian to perform this and to advise you as your puppy grows. We recommend a simple puppy checkup within 3 business days.

  7. Watch your puppy grow!  Until your puppy is ready for weaning and pick up, we will try to post new pictures of the litter or individuals every couple weeks (click here for more information and examples of photos of puppies at varying ages). Be sure to check your e-mail periodically, as I send e-mails to inform new families that updated photos are on the web site.  Sometimes, we even put short video clips up so you can watch the litter play.

  8. Learn what to expect from your puppy by reading about the development of puppies. When can they be housetrained? When can they learn obedience? Click here for more information. Also, check out our Site Map for many articles about beagles, health, and training.

  9. A couple weeks before picking up your puppy, make your plans for both the final payment and the items you need when you meet the little tyke.
    A small collar and light leash for potty stops on the way home and leash training, two short and heavy (flat-bottomed) tip-resistant bowls for food and water, and some toys are good to have. More about supplies we've heard people like to purchase here.
    If you have far to travel, a pet carrier is an excellent idea (and also helps for vet visits down the road).
    A high-quality puppy food is essential for the first few months.  We recommend several, including Diamond Naturals and Nutrisource. However, Puppy Chow, Science Diet and Eukanuba may also be fine, and your veterinarian might have a different suggestion that he/she prefers. Millions of puppies have been raised on department/grocery store-bought food, and you sure can choose that route. Watch for corn-based ingredients...corn is not very digestible and is considered a cheap filler. It should not be the first or second ingredient in dog food.
    Visit our Recommended Food for Puppies page to read more about our puppy food choices and philosophies.
    Final payment can be made via credit card, check or money order, or cash.
    * Cash as pick up is fine.
    * For check or credit card, please send it 2 weeks prior to picking up your puppy to allow for clearance time. Most people bring the final payment in cash at the time of pick up, which is probably the best method. Credit card payments are usually instant, but we have had some take 7 days for clearance if tied to a checking account.

  10. THE BIG DAY  For specific instructions to reach our home, e-mail or call us several days in advance.  Gather your puppy items (collar, leash, travel carrier if needed) and come meet your new puppy!  :-)

  11. If you are having your puppy shipped to you (we rarely do this, but once in a great while may), there are several things that you should take to the airport with you when you meet your puppy, and your photo ID is absolutely necessary. More about shipping here...


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