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AKA: "Flying Puppies"  :-)

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Cedar Ridge Beagles
c/o Toni Perdew
(the best method to reach me is via e-mail)
Bedford, Iowa
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Our premises are monitored via video surveillance for your puppy's safety!


  1. Fly to the Midwest to Pick Up Your Puppy. You can fly to Omaha or Kansas City, and take your puppy back home on the plane with you as carry on. Depending upon our work schedule, we may or may not be able to meet you at the airport (it would take 5+ hours round trip for us to meet you at the airport, which is not always workable at our end). It is urgent that you not make a flight reservation that requires us to meet you at the airport without our approval.

  2. Transportation to a Major Airport Near You, 2014 UPDATE: No longer and option. :-(

    Please note that we will likely not fly puppies (to an airport near you for pick up) in 2014 because of a new 2013 law that prohibits state-licensed kennel owners from selling puppies "sight unseen" to buyers.
    We may switch from state to federal licensing in the future. We have always used our own state's Department of Agriculture to license because we did not want to be affiliated with federal licensing. Prior to the 2013 law change, federal licensing was only required for people who sold to pet stores (mainly "puppy mills"). We do NOT sell to pet stores, and did not want to be associated with puppy mill business practices. Therefore, we always licensed through the Iowa Department of Agriculture and have annual inspections through that agency as well as inspections by AKC.

    Alternative: We do often have people fly to Omaha, Kansas City, or Des Moines and drive here (1.5-2 hours) to pick their puppy up, and then fly back home with the puppy in the cabin with them. Some families fly to one of those airports and then drive home in a rented car, which is often cheaper than driving a personal vehicle both directions!

    In case we change licensing agencies in the future, I'm leaving his information online. For 2014, please disregard it, however:

    Please contact me before reserving a puppy if the puppy would have to fly to you.  During times of extreme heat and cold weather, I will only be able to fly via Delta Airlines, and there are some restrictions for these flight opportunities:

    I would strongly discourage buying a puppy more than 10 days in advance if your schedule is not flexible to accommodate delays for flight days/times.  Delta cannot fly puppies if the temperatures outside at a stop along the journey are below 10 degrees, and at some airports if the temperature is above 85 degrees. We can't look at a long-range forecast farther than 10 days out. If we have a long-term weather situation where it is below 10 or above 85 degrees at departure, layover, or arrival for a week or two, would you be able to accept a late arrival of your puppy?
    I am not fortunate to live close to an airport, so I can't make daily trips to accommodate our puppies new homes' schedules. The average airport trip takes 5 to 6 hours with check-in and wait time. If weather is "iffy," it takes 7 to 10 hours for me. Therefore, I can only make one trip every week or two, so need flexibility on the part of the puppies' families to coordinate schedules.
    Long-range forecast for MCI at Kansas City
    Long-range forecast for Eppley Airfield at Omaha

    b. The flight departure time must not require me to drive to/from the airport at night, between 9 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.
    Driving alone during the winter at night is not safe. I've tried it many times. I've hit deer, driven through blizzards, ice storms, pea-soup fog, and even driven when I was very ill to try to make flight check-in times. It is not worth risking my life to drive to the airport in the middle of the night. :-(

    c. If weather or illness causes a change in the date/time of the flight, there will be no refunds. Please don't buy a puppy if it has to be delivered on a specific date such as a birthday or Christmas Eve!
    If you are buying a puppy for a birthday present or Christmas present, but the transport has to be delayed, you will not receive a refund. Presents are nice, but don't put a timing stipulation on the puppy's delivery! Too many factors can cause delays, from weather to mechanical problems to illnesses.

    Expected cost: $335. Some transport can cost more if arrival time is after the desk closes.

    Puppies can alternatively fly with Continental much of the year from Omaha or Kansas City to major airports throughout the US. But we need to check departure times so I'm not driving at 3:30 a.m., for example.
    Click here to read information from Continental about their PetSafe program.

    We will make the shipping arrangements for you. 

If you are in Canada, click here for information specifically about shipping across the border. We generally do not fly puppies into Canada, but can consider it.

Day of Flight Info

How Does This Work?

  • First, we have to find your closest airport that a puppy can fly into (requires a certain size of plane with climate controlled hold).
    *Not all airports with Continental service can receive puppies. 
    Only those that receive the big planes can transport puppies.
    *We will make the reservations, but we can only reserve for the airports that accept the planes with climate-controlled holds.
    *Temperature extremes can limit this (heat and cold) during some times of year with other airlines. Continental can ship despite temp extremes, as they have temperature controlled transport to and from the plane. But, Continental doesn't fly into some airports (like Boise), so we have to find that out for your location.

  • We will make the arrangements. You just pay for the associated costs at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • Then, wait until your puppy is at least 8 weeks old to ship him/her. Shipping requires that a puppy be by itself for several hours, and younger puppies can become overly stressed if this wait is very long. So, we'll look for a good flight for him or her.

  • The cost to fly a puppy 8 weeks old to any major city is generally around $335. This price could fluctuate if the airlines raise their prices or if I have to use an airline other than Continental, or if we have to pay extra for special service such as when there are less than 2 hours at a layover for Delta, after-hours arrivals, etc.  For older puppies, we must call the airline for a specific price to the the higher weight of the beagle. If a puppy has a long layover somewhere (generally Houston), it might be about $75 higher for the airport personnel to clean the carrier, feed/water, and walk the puppy (this is rare, but occurs for Alaska and various airports depending upon current available flights).

  • This not at profit to us (in fact, the fee doesn't always totally cover our costs), and just pays for:

  • the airline fee (usually $230 to $310) including shipping insurance, fuel surcharge, taxes, etc.
  • the pet travel carrier (about $35)
  • bolts to reinforce the carrier strength, required by Delta ($5)
  • attachable food/water dishes ($4)
  • air-travel veterinary health certificate (a special health certificate required for flights) ($10-$25)
  • some (not always all) of our travel/fuel costs (210 miles round trip)
  • This fee also does not cover loss of income...I miss most of a day of working, and have to make up that work later.
  • At times, I have to pay someone $100 to do the airport trip for me due to overload of work that can't be missed (if I can't take the day off) or if I have to stay in a hotel due to check-in times. When this is the case, I just absorb the cost and don't charge extra.
  • Your puppy will be flown to the nearest major airport to you, or to the airport you specify that accepts puppies via Continental.

  • Flight times will be determined by the airlines, though we reserve the right to refuse to ship puppies if their travel day is too long, as that would be a danger to the puppy.

  • We are not responsible for airline flight changes, such as weather postponements, delays, mechanical problems, etc. If your puppy can't fly on the scheduled day, a reschedule will be arranged. It is an inconvenience for both of us, as you and I may both have taken vacation days for the scheduled flight, but we don't offer refunds if a flight is rescheduled. This could be a problem if you can't reschedule to pick the puppy up, or if arrival is timed for an event such as a birthday party!

  • Reservations will be made upon receiving payment for the shipping and associated costs, and full payment for the puppy. Please give us at least 3 full weeks prior to shipping your puppy to help ensure flight availability.

If you know you want to ship your puppy...

  • If you filled out the Puppy Info Request Form, we should already have your information. If you haven't filled that out, you can do that now by clicking the link.

  • Please give us any known days that will NOT work for you during the week following the 8-week old minimum age of your puppy.

"The Big Day"

Checking/Verifying Flight Status

  • You can call Continental at 800-575-3335 or 218-553-5052 to check the status of your puppy's flights using the confirmation # we give you. Or, watch flight status online via Continental's web page: Flight Status Page  http://www.continental.com/web/en-US/apps/travel/flightStatus/default.aspx  Watch all flights (usually just the one from Omaha or Kansas City to Houston, plus from Houston to your own airport).

  • To watch flights for early/late departures on the day of the flight for Delta Airlines, go to http://www.delta.com/ and enter your flight info at the bottom left of the page to check flight status. Their phone # is 1-888-SEND-PET (888-736-3738)

What should I take to the airport with me?

  • Before you read this, please jot on your calendar to e-mail or call me 2 days before the flight day to confirm that you are still planning to pick the puppy up according to schedule. I will try to contact you, but in case I can't reach you, it helps if you are also contacting me.

  • REQUIRED. Photo ID for the person listed to receive the puppy (which is the buyer, unless you told me otherwise).

  • REQUIRED. My cell phone number: 712-370-0851, and home number: 712-523-3646

  • REQUIRED. The phone number for Continental Airlines pet reservations line:  1.800.575.3335 or 281.553.5052, or Delta: 1-888-736-3738...or for whatever airline is being used.  Also, it is helpful to have your confirmation number from my e-mail that included the flight itinerary.

  • Water to offer the puppy at the airport or at your vehicle.  There will be a food and water dish attached to the inside of the carrier, so you don't need a bowl. Bottled water might be best to avoid extra smells that tap waters can have for the first day. Some people suggest adding orange Gatorade to tap water...a tablespoon added to water can disguise the chemical/mineral smell of differing water from your tap and our tap.

  • A collar (9 to 12" generally fits) and leash to allow the puppy to exercise a little before the drive home, and for potty stops.

  • Baby wipes or a couple wet wash cloths to wipe off the puppy's feet, as they might be soiled from the trip. Beagles don't normally potty in their "homes," but sometimes the travel time is longer than they can hold it.

  • A plastic garbage bag or grocery bag to dump the soiled bedding from the travel carrier into for disposal.

  • A clean towel or something soft and cuddly to put into the carrier for your drive home from the airport.

  • A map to where you pick your puppy up. Do a search in Google for the airport if needed, as most have online maps that you can look at to help guide you to the terminal or Air Cargo (most puppies are either delivered at Baggage Services for Continental or else their Air Cargo counter).

  • Pepto Bismol or Kaopectate (optional, usually not necessary), in case your puppy gets loose stools from the flight and leaving littermates.  Click here to see a chart of common medications and dosages that puppies/dogs can have.

  • This one isn't for the airport, but be ready at home to give your puppy a bath. I often choose to not bathe your puppy before the flight, because most puppies need a bath after getting to your home (if they have a "potty accident" in the carrier). Two baths in two days could result in dry, itchy skin. To avoid dry skin, I'd rather fly a puppy to you that "smells like a puppy." :-)

Please be at the airport immediately upon your puppy's arrival! It is best for your puppy to be picked up immediately, and also the airline personnel get very nervous if you are not waiting there.

Example of a travel carrier for the flight
(included in the cost for shipping)

After Picking Up Your Puppy

After your puppy arrives, please either text or call (712-370-0851) or e-mail to let us know that you have your puppy. I try to not call because many times, I catch people in the high-traffic areas around the airport while they are driving. If you would just call or text me, it would give me comfort. :-)  Or, e-mail when you get home.

At home, check the envelopes taped to the top of the puppy's carrier for paperwork that should be saved.

You will probably need to give your puppy a lukewarm bath using a gentle, tearless shampoo. I often don't bathe puppies that are flying because they typically will need another bath upon arrival. Two baths in a row would probably result in dry skin. So, please plan to do a quick puppy bath with a gentle puppy shampoo. We've also used a tearless childrens shampoo + conditioner combo, and really like that as well as puppy shampoo...maybe the conditioner in the shampoo moistens the skin?

Are there any options other than flying?

There are some over-land animal haulers, but we will not sell a puppy to someone planning to use a land transport service. This is due to several reasons:

  • The transport time is too long and stressful for a young puppy

  • The chances for contamination (viruses, bacteria) from previous dogs that have been in the compartment is too high.

  • Scheduling with land transporters is too difficult, and my work schedule makes it difficult to accommodate their last-minute changes.

Other Airlines

We fly with Continental because they have less temperature restrictions than other airlines due to their better facilities, which affects winter and summer travel. But we could explore other airlines if needed.



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Cedar Ridge Beagles
c/o Toni Perdew
(the best method to reach me is via e-mail)
Bedford, Iowa
Click here for additional contact information.

Our premises are monitored via video surveillance for your puppy's safety!