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About Beagles


Cedar Ridge Beagles
c/o Toni Perdew
(the best method to reach me is via e-mail)
Bedford, Iowa
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Our premises are monitored via video surveillance for your puppy's safety!


Most of the people who contact us and buy beagle puppies are looking for a beagle because they have had one before. That tells you something about the breed.  There is no other testimonial better than the fact that people who have had beagles want to continue having beagles.

They love people, and are a healthy and low-maintenance breed.  As they are so cheerful, gentle, and upbeat, they are generally great with kids.  Beagles are happy-go-lucky dogs that are a pleasure to be around.

We love our beagles for the same reasons that have made them a Top 10 Dog for decades...their abundant love for people and gentleness with children. Readers Digest lists them first in their Top 10 Breeds for families with children. Squidoo web site says: "These dogs are probably the ideal dog for any family, especially one with small children. Beagles are good with children of all ages."

Beagles are a small to medium sized dog (generally 10" to 15" tall and 15 to 30 lbs....ours are usually right at or under 13", though) with short hair and good health. The average life span of a Beagle is 12 to 15 years.  They are fairly minimal shedders, which is another benefit of owning a beagle! In fact, chocolate tri and lilac tri beagles shed even less than the other colors in our experience, but even the normal tri-colored beagles are fairly low in shedding.

Beagles don't require baths very often,
but it can be fun to suds them up from time to time!

While beagles are a very healthy purebred dog, they can have some common health problems, as can all breeds. Conditions sometimes seen in beagles include cherry eye, obesity, and ear infections. Other more rare problems include epilepsy and arthritis. I have heard of just one beagle with epilepsy, so imagine it is a very small percentage of beagles that have it, for example. I am trying to find percentages of the occurrences of these problems, and will post them here as I find them. Because beagles are often used in lab testing (due to their small size, good nature under even poor circumstances), a great deal is known about their health when compared to other breeds.

The best beagle environment includes a high-percentage of partnered time (either with people or with another beagle) and room to play.  House beagles will appreciate and need daily walks, as beagles have been bred for centuries to be working dogs, and need exercise.  A fenced-in back yard is ideal for a beagle!

Beagle Advantages

  • Extremely friendly dogs
  • Known to be good pets for children due to their good dispositions (they are on the Readers Digest Top 10 Breeds for Families with Children)
  • Fairly minimal shedders (they do shed more in the spring)
  • Crave human relationships
  • Get along well with other dogs
  • Very healthy compared to most pure breeds. See our "Learn More About Beagles" page to read about the health problems that are sometimes seen in beagles.
  • Come in a variety of sizes, from 10" tall to 15" tall
  • Hardy, and can live indoors or out in all seasons. Even in cold climates, beagles do not require insulated or heated houses as long as they have a shelter (garage, barn, or enclosed dog house) that has something soft to curl up on away from wind and precipitation. Of course, they do appreciate climate control, though! :-)

Beagle Disadvantages

  • Love to follow scents (rabbits especially), and get sidetracked easily
  • Should be taught early to respond to "come."
  • Prone to getting overweight if allowed to eat at will
  • They don't bark often, but when they do, it is loud! 
  • Beagle puppies bark quite a lot right after weaning, and may bark for a few days in their new home when left alone...loudly. :-)
  • Beagles are probably not the best choice for a dog if you live in an apartment, work a lot of hours, and don't plan to go for a walk/run every day with your dog.
  • Beagles are possibly difficult to train beyond the normal/basic commands. Too much schooling is not fun for a beagle. They would rather snuggle or play with you than spend hours learning to walk through a hoop tunnel or jump over a meaningless board set up on blocks.

Our adults will bark when a skunk comes around (yea!) or when disturbed by an animal, but they sleep when we do and don't bark when there isn't a reason. :-)

Our beagles tend to be the shorter variety (around 13" and under), which makes them ideal for those seeking house pets or family friends. Our dogs have come from long-term programs that have selected dogs for proven dispositions and sound, healthy constitutions. When we find that a dog has a tendency to reproduce a poor characteristic, we spay/neuter him or her. 

We do not raise Pocket Beagles because they so often are not purebred beagles. There are some breeders whose really-tiny beagles "look" purebred, I imagine. I have looked around a few times, and what I have seen looks to be a beagle crossed with a toy-sized breed. We want to make sure that ours are always purebred beagles, so have not gone in that direction.

We DO have some much-smaller-than-average beagles, but we don't "call" them pocket beagles or mini beagles because we don't want to misrepresent their puppies. Puppies don't always take after their parents in size. They can take after grandparents and great-grandparents as well.

Visit here to learn more in-depth information about beagles.



Cedar Ridge is located near the intersections of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.  We are about 2 hours each from Des Moines (Iowa), Kansas City (Missouri), and Omaha (Nebraska).

Please don't be offended if we ask you questions about your experience with puppies and the facilities you have for your puppy.  We want to make sure our puppies will remain with you for many years. We won't require you to guarantee us anything (for example, we don't require spay/neuter promises without a health reason), but we do want to feel happy, knowing that you will be a great family for our puppy to join.

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Cedar Ridge Beagles
c/o Toni Perdew
(the best method to reach me is via e-mail)
Bedford, Iowa
Click here for additional contact information.

Our premises are monitored via video surveillance for your puppy's safety!