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Puppy Inquiry

If you would like us to put you on a list of people we send birth announcements and updates to, click here.


If you are interested in buying a puppy (pictured on our Available Puppies page or if you plan to reserve an unborn puppy), please fill out the form below and indicate questions/comments in the comments section.

  • We will get back to you, usually within 24 hours if you have asked for information or have indicated a specific puppy.

  • Should you want information about a specific puppy or how to reserve a puppy, please include your questions in the comments section at the bottom, and also designate your main puppy of interest where that is requested on this form.

  • If you are reserving a "pick of the litter" puppy before the litter birth, please read this page.

Note: Links in the form below will open in a new window. If you have questions, you can click the link and you won't lose the answers you've already typed on this form.

Your Contact Information

Your Name

E-mail Address
(remember to include what goes before AND after the @ sign) If this puppy would be a surprise and we should not e-mail or call a given number, please indicate that in the box with the e-mail address or the phone #!  :-)

Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code

Primary Phone #  If this puppy would be a surprise and we should not e-mail or call a given number, please indicate that in the box next to the phone number!  :-)

Secondary Phone #
If this puppy would be a surprise and we should not e-mail or call a given number, please indicate that in the box!  :-) (Note: If a puppy will fly to it's new home, the airlines request 2 phone numbers if possible)

Indicate Your Interest (gender, age, etc.):

Most interested in a male

Most interested in a female

Gender doesn't matter

Would also consider an older puppy or adult dog

Only interested in young puppy 12 weeks or under

Specific Puppy? If you see a puppy on the Sale page that you are particularly interested in, please let us know which puppy that is. For example, you might say "Cutie Pie's female puppy #2." If you don't have a puppy picked out, leave this blank.

Method of Puppy Leaving Us:

If you buy a puppy, will it have to fly or be shipped to you? We live in SW Iowa, about 2 hours each from Des Moines, Kansas City, and Omaha. Please look at our puppies' litter description to see if shipping is an option at the current time (it will be listed in the bulleted sentences/paragraphs above the litter's individual puppy photos).

Yes, it would have to be shipped. I have visited the shipping page and will contact CR Beagles to see if shipping is an option for this puppy.

No, I would come pick it up.

If you answered "Yes," please give us 2 major airports near you so we can determine if shipping is an easy option to arrange:

Approximately when would the puppy join your family?
Puppies may leave us around 8 weeks of age.

Close to the 8 week age

More than a week past the 8 week age due to travel/vacation, a birthday, holiday, etc. Note that if we hold a puppy at your request, the puppy must be paid in full within a week of turning 8 weeks old.

If you buy a puppy, where might it spend most of its time?

Mostly Indoors

Outdoors with a fenced-in yard

Outdoors in a kennel with proper protection for temperatures and precipitation.

Outdoors with no restrictions, no fences (not recommended!)

Would you be planning to spay or neuter your puppy?

Yes, we would plan to spay or neuter.

No spaying/neutering. This puppy would possibly be used for breeding. Please be honest. If we know you will breed, we will let you know if we notice anything that would only matter to a breeder.


There are many registration associations in the US that keep canine pedigree records. Many of our puppies are registerable with AKC (see the bulleted description above a litter's photos for registration information).  If a litter is AKC registerable, there are sometimes two registration options: Limited and Full. "Limited" is for puppies that will be pets, and won't be used to show or breed. Limited-registration puppies are discounted to encourage spaying/neutering. "Full" is for puppies that will show in AKC shows and/or breed.  We do not automatically allow Full registration, but if it is an option listed in a litter's description, which of the two would you want?

Limited (pet only, no breeding, typically discounted so costs less...see litter and puppy descriptions)

Full (breeding and showing rights, typically costs more...see litter and puppy descriptions)

Not Applicable or no preference (choose this if the puppy you are considering is not going to be AKC registered as per the litter's description)


About You:

Have you researched beagles, or do you have experience with beagles? If not, please click here and read a little about them. It is important to us to know that if you have one of our puppies, you are ready for the commitments that go along with owning a dog and raising a puppy. Beagles are wonderful dogs with a reputation for being gentle and loving. But, they do have their moments! Puppies of all breeds go through chew stages and require potty training if they are to be indoor dogs. Are you ready?  :-)

Before clicking Submit,  be sure to read our Guarantees page for answers to important questions. The Guarantees page is required reading for all of our puppies' new owners. By submitting this form, you are assuring us that you/they have read the Guarantees page before reserving a puppy.

Also make sure you read the bulleted sentences/notes that describe each litter, which typically appear right above the first puppy's photos.


I understand/agree that buying a puppy constitutes agreement with CR Beagles' Guarantees.

I do not agree to the Guarantees. (If you do not agree, we can not let you have a puppy!)

Type the words below before clicking submit. If they are difficult to read, click the button with two arrows to the right of the yellow box to load new words.


Click the Submit button below to send your information and comments to us. If you don't hear from us in response to a question, please e-mail us ( e-mail address is shown at the bottom of every page). Thanks!

"If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them."
-Phil Pastoret

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