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"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they help make our lives whole."
-Roger Caras

Sample Puppy Health Care Schedule


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Our puppies are treated the way they ought to be...with loving care and with great health care! This is one of the things that sets us apart from most people that raise puppies. We have invested thousands and thousands of dollars in our dogs' homes, but also provide lots of health care that most people skip because they don't want to spend the money or because they don't know how valuable it can be.

If you get your puppy from us, your puppy won't "just" be dewormed a couple times and given a vaccination. He or she will receive daily attention and observation, and will receive much, much more!

Here is an example of what most of our puppies receive in terms of medical attention in the first 8 weeks following birth (some variations to occur, but this is a general idea):

Age (weeks) Care Provided
0.5 Dew claw removal by licensed veterinarian
2 Deworming with pyrantel pamoate
Oral paste anti-protozoal medication
4 Deworming with pyrantel pamoate
Oral paste anti-protozoal medication
Optional intra-nasal kennel cough vaccination
5 1/2 First puppy vaccination, Solojec 5, Galaxy DA2PPv or one with similar coverage like Fort Dodge Puppy Shot.
6 Deworming with pyrantel pamoate
Oral paste anti-protozoal medication
6-7 Optional, one week of anti-coccidia liquid, orally, if anti-protozoal (line above) is not given
7-8 Deworming with fenbendazole, 5 days in a row for both common puppy worms and also the common protozoa, giardhia
Twice daily anti-giardhia medication
Optional ivermectin-based ear mite preventive
8 Oral paste anti-protozoal medication
Optional 2nd vaccination, depending upon timing

"Optional" in the list above indicates treatments we sometimes, but do not always, give. Most of the time, time schedule above is pretty accurate except that we don't often give the optional intra-nasal kennel cough vaccination. We have not had a problem in the past, and we give so many medications that we prefer to not add another one in that isn't needed for us.

We do not microchip our puppies because they are generally only 3.5 to 5.5 lbs when they leave us, and the needle is QUITE LARGE that inserts the microchip. We feel it is better for the puppy to have that done later, when he/she is a little larger.

We give vaccinations here at home, having received instruction through our veterinarians and years of experience with with animal health care. If you would like your puppy to receive his/her vaccination from a veterinarian (instead of from us), we will be happy to take him/her to the veterinarian at your expense. This is probably close to $20 per puppy per vaccination, but we will confirm a cost if you request veterinary administration due to changing fees as time passes, or varying veterinarians' price lists (in case we can't get an appointment in a timely manner at our own vet, we may have to travel to other nearby vets if you request this option).




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