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Cedar Ridge Beagles
c/o Toni Perdew
(the best method to reach me is via e-mail)
Bedford, Iowa
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Our premises are monitored via video surveillance for your puppy's safety!


Top 10 Reasons to
Buy From a Breeder
Instead of a Pet Store

Pet stores are fun to go in to look around.  But are they the best place for you to buy your puppy?

Some of the breeders that raise LOTS of puppies and LOTS of breeds (and sell to pet stores) are good breeders that still strive to raise high-quality puppies and socialize them well. Not very many, but we hope there are at least a few.

When you buy from a pet store, you "might" get a puppy from a caring breeder like this, but you most likely will get a puppy that spent at least its first 8 weeks of life in a facility that raises thousands of puppies a year (there are MANY of these). Such a puppy was probably raised in a small rabbit hutch and never played with. Its parents might live their whole lives in rabbit hutches, never getting to exercise or play. You just don't know, no matter what the pet store claims.

Click here to view a picture of a large breeding facility
that was taken and sent to us by one of our customers.
Rest assured, this is NOT how our dogs live.

Pet Stores: How it REALLY Works

Pet stores may tell you that they buy only from families and that they "know their breeders individually." Most of the time, this is not true. Pet stores accept new puppies when they have openings, and they don't visit their suppliers to see what the facilities look like. It would take too much time and effort. It is easier for them to buy over the phone from large breeders with many breeds or from puppy brokers that buy from breeders and resell to pet stores.


When you buy directly from the breeder (like us), you gain many advantages over buying from a pet store. If these things aren't important to you, then you might be happy buying from a pet store. If they are important, consider buying from breeders directly, whether that be CR Beagles or someone else.



Breeder Pet Store
Generally sell for lower price. x  
Seller can confidently provide full health history of the puppy face to face with puppy's buyer. x  
Buyers can see the mother and often father of their future puppy. x  
You can see facilities where your puppy grew up. You will know if the puppy was a product of a puppy mill or not. x  
Puppies will be able to be registered x
(ours are)
Dispositions of puppies over 6 weeks are able to be determined and discussed due to hours of being watched/interacted with from birth to weaning. x  
Dispositions of the parents are known by the seller. x  
Opportunity to buy champion or show-quality puppies. Sometimes Probably Never
You can get the "pick of the litter" and watch the puppies grow from birth to weaning via web site or e-mail. x  
Important! Parent dogs that produce puppies with genetic (inheritable) health problems are no longer allowed to have puppies. Examples might include epilepsy, hip dysplasia, etc. x
True for us (we spay/neuter if we discover health problems)
Puppy mills do not find out if their puppies develop problems later in life.
You get to keep in touch with the people who raised your precious puppy, and have their thankfulness for your periodic updates as your puppy grows! x Seldom

Did You Know?

  • Pet stores most often buy puppies over the phone from "large breeding facilities" (puppy mills) or "puppy brokers" that they have NEVER visited or inspected.

  • Pet stores pay extremely small prices for the puppies they buy, constantly telling the puppy mills they buy from that "sales are bad" in order to get their puppies for next to nothing? They then mark puppies up by hundreds of percent for resale.

  • Pet stores will tell potential customers about their practice of visiting every supplier of puppies to inspect, when this is very rarely, if ever, true.

  • Most large breeders, who have many breeds and breed for quantity (more income), do not know what each breed's high-quality characteristics are. Therefore, they do not know if their dogs are of good quality, and they don't care.

  • Pet stores also buy from brokers, who are people that buy large numbers of puppies from puppy mills who then resell them to any pet store willing to buy them. What happens to the puppies that no pet store wants? From what I've read, the puppies are euthanized in the cheapest method available, and not the most humane.

  • Each time someone buys a puppy from a pet store, they are encouraging the practice that puppy mills engage in...breeding large numbers of puppies, giving them no love or attention, and shipping them off to some place where they have no idea of the life the puppy will eventually lead.



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Cedar Ridge Beagles
c/o Toni Perdew
(the best method to reach me is via e-mail)
Bedford, Iowa
Click here for additional contact information.

Our premises are monitored via video surveillance for your puppy's safety!